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10 years teaching Spanish

Two university degrees

“I truly enjoy people and find great satisfaction in helping them progress in their language learning”.

Marilyn's students are saying


United States

The best.

I have been studying Spanish for a long time, lived in México for five years in the early 2000s, was able to communicate with friends. But my Spanish listening and speaking skills were weak. I have real difficulty with that part – the most important part – of learning Spanish.

I returned to the US for ten years and used little Spanish, lost a lot of vocabulary and grammar. My listening and speaking skills deteriorated.

I decided to resume my studies and enrolled in a conversational class with Marilyn. I was afraid to speak but from the first minute she engaged me, required me to speak. I discovered that I could speak, had retained most of the grammar and most of the vocabulary. As I spoke she evaluated my skills so that my lessons could begin at the right level.

Marilyn is fabulous. Her classes were fun. We always spoke about ourselves, our experiences, and current affairs. She pushed me, but always with empathy. We proceeded at my pace, not according to a rigid teaching plan. Along with listening and speaking she cleared up my always-weak knowledge as to the differing uses of ser and estar. And then, together, we unraveled the mysteries of el subjuntivo (the subjunctive).

Over the years I had taken a lot of courses, had a lot of teachers; Marilyn is in a class by herself. Simply superb.

Marilyn and I remain in touch. I count her among my friends.



I have traveled all over Latin America and have had over a dozen different teachers – Marilyn is easily one of the best. She hits the right balance of a cheerful and enjoyable class while staying on program.

She is patient, taking the time to make sure concepts are understood. Also, her pronunciation/speech is easy to understand for a non-native speaker.


United States

Great teacher.

I worked with Marilyn for several months while living and working in Peru. Her course curriculum was well suited to my business and professional needs. Her approach incorporated colloquial phrases, which really helped with communication and kept the classes interesting. She takes her job very seriously and I would recommend her for either professional or casual Spanish lessons.



Learning Spanish with Marilyn Montoro was a delight.
I had private lessons with her for a little over two months and I learned so much!

She has a nice, structured approach to teaching the language, combined with a lot of conversation on a wide variety of topics. I highly recommend her.


United States

I have been learning Spanish for several years, with the goal of becoming conversational. Professor Marilyn Montoro has been my instructor for the past four months. My comfort level and confidence with Spanish conversation has improved dramatically under Marilyn’s guidance. She is unwaveringly patient and encouraging. We work on grammar, usage and vocabulary to advance my linguistic understanding. However, she allows me freedom to charge forward in conversation on varied subject matter, pausing with corrections only to reinforce lessons already taught, and to help me recover when I go off the rails. Succinctly, it is a pleasure to converse with Marilyn, while being aware that she is strategically and methodically teaching me the Spanish language. I highly recommend Professor Montoro.

I have taken private Spanish lessons with Marilyn both in a classroom and online and she is fantastic. She can answer any grammatical questions you may have (from very basic all the way to very advanced) in a very simple and uncomplicated manner. In the beginning, I had a lot of trouble speaking because I'm very shy but she is very encouraging and funny which made things a lot easier and the learning experience much more enriching. I started taking lessons with her as a beginner and now I am B1-B2 level and use Spanish for work so I am very grateful to her!


10 years teaching Spanish

Two university degrees Studying for Masters in language teaching, of Barcelona.

“Classes should be fun for both students and teachers”.

Carlos' students are saying



Do you want to learn Spanish? Then Carlos is the teacher you need! Kind, passionate, competent, fun, patient, my Spanish level skyrocketed!



Excellent teacher!

Before I met him, I had been taught by several teachers with good reputations. Nevertheless I was really impressed by his personality and the ability of teaching. He was empathetic and cheerful, and had the skill of creating a joyful and harmonious atmosphere to the classroom. In my experience it is rare to find a teacher like him, who is able to prepare such a pleasant environment and combine it with a high quality of teaching content.

In addition to his ability in the progress of the class, he was punctual and ardent. For example he is eager to search materials or methods suitable to his students.



Hace tres años, tomé cursos intensivos de español en algunos países de América Latina, incluyendo Perú (en la Escuela Peruwayna). Carlos Méndez era uno de mis profesores de español. Me gustó mucho su método de enseñanza. Su curso incluía todos los aspectos necesarios para aprender el idioma (hablar, escuchar, leer y escribir), con la atención al uso de la correcta gramática en todos los aspectos. Sus clases eran muy divertidas porque él siempre nos animaba a hablar español todos los días – no sólo discutíamos las historias de lo que habíamos leído en los libros de texto y de lo que habíamos escrito en nuestras tareas, sino también compartíamos nuestros propios cuentos. Su método de enseñanza nos había ayudado a aprender español rápidamente con diversión. Por eso, él era mi mejor profesor de español. Y me gustaría darle 5 estrellas por la calidad de su enseñanza!


United States

In only one month, Carlos helped me improve my conversational skills better than any Spanish class I had taken in university. I highly recommend Carlos! I am very happy to rate Carlos five stars as a Spanish teacher. I took intermediate Spanish classes with him 20 hours/week for four weeks, and it went by so quickly! I was even looking forward to class every day which is rare for me to say.

What I appreciated most about taking classes with Carlos is his focus on improving my conversational skills. It would have been boring and wasteful to only write on grammar worksheets all day. That type of work can be done at home. Instead, we had long discussions that would require our attention, focus, and the latest vocabulary/grammar that we had learned. I made the greatest leaps in my conversational ability in Spanish with Carlos as my teacher.

Thank you, Carlos, for your excellent care and guidance, and thank you for sharing your love for Spanish and Peru, as well. Profesor, muchísimas gracias por todo!



I met Carlos in 2013 in Lima, Peru early in his career as a Spanish Teacher. It was obvious then of his enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication to his craft.

I was just starting out learning Spanish, and Carlos’ lessons were fun, engaging and made my experience of learning Spanish both efficient and enjoyable.

Thanks to Carlos I was able to quickly master conversational Spanish, and due to his patience and persistence I am now able to communicate at an advanced level both in a work and social environment.

I would highly recommend Carlos’ services as a Spanish teacher to anyone who is wanting to learn this beautiful language.

Thank you, Carlos.


United States

Carlos is the most wonderful Spanish teacher I have ever worked with! He is a kind, genuine, really special person to work with. He made our classes fun, using humor and discussing topics related to my interests. I have never found learning Spanish easy but when working with him, I actually found myself looking forward to our Spanish classes together. I improved a great deal from our classes together. I worked with him at a language institute for one year in Peru and then had the great fortune to continue taking private lessons with him for a second year when I went back to my country. You would be lucky to have Carlos as a Spanish instructor!



I feel very fortunate to have Carlos as my Spanish Teacher. He has demonstrated the ability to identify my learning style and structures his teaching to get the best results. My Spanish has improved tremendously since working with Carlos. I highly recommend him as a teacher and person.



To the most paciente teacher!

When I met Carlos my Spanish level was not perfect and I have to tell that I’m not the excellent student, as I have a big family I did not have a lot of time to do all my homework. But Carlos was always finding material to make easier for me. So he always brought me little and very informative material and he had so much patience. He is amazing person, always smiling and when you see him and the way that he explains you want to study too.


United States

I have worked with Carlos for years now and my Spanish has benefited greatly. He is friendly, professional, and encouraging. His knowledge of Spanish and English as well as his methodical approach to language learning have made him the perfect teacher for me.


8 years teaching Spanish

Two university degrees Master in language teaching, University of Barcelona

“Classes are teamwork between the student and the teacher”.

Gladys' students are saying


United Kingdom

Myself and a friend from the UK were looking for a short intensive introductory Spanish course while we were staying in Lima for a month. Gladys was recommended to us by a mutual friend and I cannot recommend her enough. We were greeted with a warm introduction to the language, including learning basic vocabulary, sentence structure and common phrases. Gladys worked at a pace we were both comfortable with whilst also pushing us to get out of our comfort zone. After these lessons I traveled around South America for 8 months and the work that we did was so valuable during this time. I hope we will meet again one day! Gracias Gladys!



I attended Glady's classes in 2015 with no former knowledge of spanish. With her help, me and my friend I improved quickly while being able to have fun.
Gladys is a happy, fun teacher, can absolutely recommend her to others :)



Gladys is great teacher for Spanish classes. It has been my great experience taking classes from her. She is wonderful teacher. I would like to take more classes from her.


United Kingdom

Gladys is an amazing Spanish teacher, she always made my lessons fun and interesting. I learnt a lot whilst she was my teacher and would definitely learn from her again if I was back in Lima.



Tuve el placer de tener clases privadas con Gladys en un programa intensivo. Lo que más me gustó fue la personalización de las clases. Estuvo súper enfocado en los puntos de mayor necesidad y dificultad. Gladys demostró ser una profesional de primera línea, dinámica, calificada con metodología actualizada y con enfoque en las necesidades específicas del alumno.


United States

I had the good fortune to be taught Spanish in Peru by Gladys more than seven years ago. In my years of studying Spanish I can honestly say that with Gladys I learned the most.

When I first began classes with Gladys I was unsure of my Spanish abilities and was truly unsure if I ever would be able to consider myself fluent. By the end of the classes I had come such a long way that I was having no problem carrying in depth conversations in Spanish. I would even get compliments - this was an awesome feeling.

With Gladys you can be assured that the Spanish education you will receive will be second to none. She is caring, motivational and creative in her classes. Please do yourself a favor and try a couple of classes with her- you will be amazed at the progress in your Spanish skills.


New Zealand

Glayds Rojas fue mi profesora de español en el año 2015, en la escuela Peruwayna en Lima Perú. Era una profesora muy animada y dedicada, y me animaba a aprender todo los días. Desde el comienzo de las clases, comenzamos a hablar en castellano y fue ese método que me ayudó en formar una base sólida de vocabulario y gramática. Ella también me dio la seguridad de hacer errores, algo que es muy importante en el proceso de aprendizaje. La recomendaría sin reservas.

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